Ultra Wards

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Started a new Blog Ultrawards.blogspot.com

Please go to my new blog Ultrawards.blogspot.com I am going to erase this one soon. I started over!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Matts ultra epic blog and Bearlake

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wher has the Summer Gone

Do you ever feel like you are busy all the time
but not quite sure what you have been doing?

WE had a great summer with a few mishaps. ( Marley
getting her baby teeth pulled, and me crashing the
Van. But we are healthy and very blessed.
My kids are now in school and they both love it (until
Kaiya has to do her homework instead of Play!-AKA
social butterfly) I am just going to post some pictures of
our summer with some quotes!

Matt ran another ultra Marathon in Grand Targhee
We had so much fun! We rode up the chair lift, had
picnics, cheered our dad on, swam, played on bounce
toys, met new wonderful friends, and Kaiya and Taj
ran there first race up in the mountains through the
trees. They both got medals. bubble treats and other
Kaiya running through the trees

Taj running down the trail.

All the kids getting ready to start their fun run!!!!

Matt had enough energy after the race to give the kids
a ride in the wheel barrow. We are so proud of Matt
and his amazing accomplishments! Our Dad is a superhero!!!

My mom and dad came to cheer Matt on. We love them so much
and are so thankful for all they do for us. They helped lots with
the kids! Matt loved hearing my dad cheer for him as he passed
through the base station in between loops. My dad is the biggest
sports fan no matter what sport he is always there to support his

WE met fun friends. Truly kindred spirits Kaiya and Taj had so
much fun with cute Rivers and Everest. It was cute Taj and
Everest kept forgetting each others name. So they would say
hey where is my friend. I want to play with that friend.
We went to the children s muesuem with Jenny and her cute kids
when they were in town, and my friend Meagan came with us too
with her adorable abigale

Kaiya and Taj Firsts days of School!

Who needs a swimming pool when you have a cooler and a
Tupperware bin this is how Taj, Kaiya, Gage, Eden and Marley
kept cool this summer.

We went to the young family farm for lavender days. It was
so much fun lots to do! playground, tea parties, wagon rides,
pony rides, rock climbing, jousting, lavender ice cream and much

Had to post one of little bug who is getting big so fast she is
so much fun and the cutest thing ever!