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Monday, June 30, 2008

I love my kids

Being A Mom

I just wanted to express my feelings about being a mom
I really do love it! I cherish every moment with my kids
well only the moments when I am not getting mad at
them! I am so blessed to have such smart, cute, funny,
imaginative kids! I think having children is one of the greatest
gifts heavenly father has given me! I know I am not perfect
I want my children to know that I love them and that I would
do anything for them. I love to hear stories about other children
and how you moms and dads raise them. It is hard being
a parent and knowing if you are teaching your children
the best way. Or if you are being too hard on them. I guess
you learn from experiences. All that I have to say is poor
Kaiya.We expect so much from her. I think she is turning out
great she is doing so good about doing her chores and practicing
her piano without me even having to ask. Even the other day
she came and apologized to me for having a bad attitude. She is
growing up way to fast! She is a good friends to others. Dont get me
wrong Kaiya can have her moments, but she grows from them
and so do we. We love her so much!

Taj Has so much personality His imagination is growing and growing
every day. He comes up with the funniest stories. He loves animals,
most of all horses and dogs! His new thing is that he wants a dog that
can do karate and name him Dho Jho. He still tells me he loves me
more than once every day! Now he says " I will never talk back to
you ok mom". So cute. He has a lisp we need to help him with it but
I love it so much!!!

Marley is so happy most of the time she is smiling,
but she is starting to get a little attitude. She is still
not walking, but is really close. Yesterday when Matt
got home from work the moment she saw him she
squealed and started kicking her legs. It was so cute!
she loves to play with her daddy. She says ma ma and
dad. and she says Taj a lot. She is so much fun our little bug.
We are excited to have more kids and
grow as a family.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I started a healthy recipe blog. Mainly for me because I really
need to change my eating habits. I want to not only look
healthy, but most important feel healthy, feel alive and
to have energy! I want to be able keep up with my kids
and have extra energy to out do them:) Ha Ha Like that
would ever happen! I am just gettingstarted so If you have
any great healthy recipes to share please do! This
is the link http://www.feelgoodrecipes.blogspot.com

I will also post some great tips like this one to check out

10 great health foods

10 great health foods

Don't waste your time and taste buds on empty calories. Explore a bounty of foods packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. They can help lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes, as well as promote healthy aging.
Sample 10 great health foods!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fathers Day at the park

Matts family came over for dinner. Then we headed down to the park to eat Popsicles and have a water balloon fight. We had lots of fun! Our kids love their grandpa sooo much. Thanks Rory for loving them too!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dont let Dad do your hair!

Kaiya and Syd had a sleepover and matt did everyones hair in the
morning. This is his idea of a ponytail.
He also did Taj and his hair. Taj calls this nerd hair and he loves it

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We went to Lagoon on memorial day! When we got there it was very rainy. but ended up being a great day. No crowds and lots of fun.
Kaiya is very brave! she went on every ride and on wicked twice. Taj would go to we tried
to sneak him on some rides, but we got caught. Maybe next year little buddy!